Adding a New Member


You can easily add a new Hub member by clicking on the Add New User tab above the search bar. 



Fill out the add new user form

Profile Information

  • First and Last Name are required.

Contact Info

  • You can choose to enter the member's contact info or the Parent/Guardian contact info.



Status & Lead Source

  • A Status tag is required and puts the user in a group.
  • Add a lead source to help track where your members come from.

Membership Card

  • A Rewards Number is required unless you check Skip adding card.
    • A rewards number can be added to the profile at any time.
  • To add a rewards card, click on the Rewards Number field and swipe the membership card or type the card's 16-digit rewards number. 


Click the Add Member button to complete the process. 


Once the new profile appears, you can give the new member their Membership Card and Rewards Number. If they are registering without a card, you will need to give them their Temporary Registration Code. They will choose a password during registration, so no need to give them one now. 


They are ready to register and start using the Hub! 

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