Helping Members Log In with their Social Accounts


Members with a Facebook or Google account already connected

If a member has already connected their Facebook or Google account, they can log in with one click!

Just have them go to your practice's Hub login page on any desktop browser and click Log In, then select the social account that they registered.



Members who want to connect their social account(s)

If a member has not yet connected their Facebook or Google accounts to their Hub profile, they can do one of the following two things: 

Option 1: 

  • They can click on the Facebook or Google button on the Login screen. So long as the email they use on the social account matches the one on their profile, they will be able to log into their Hub profile. 

Option 2:

  1. They can log in with their email or username and go to My Profile and Profile Information
  2. Under the Social section choose Facebook or Google and click or tap Connect (or Disconnect)
  3. The member will select their account and give authorization


Once their accounts are connected, they will be able to log in with them the next time they need to access their Hub. 


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