Week 4 Referral Campaign: Honoring Healthcare Heroes


Note: this article accompanies Week 4's Hub Action Plan

Honor healthcare heroes by creating a special offer just for them. Then ask patients to use the Refer-A-Friend feature in their Patient Rewards Hub mobile app to spread the word to their friends and relatives on the front lines working to heal our nation.

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up your campaign. Feel free to adjust the rewards and text to fit the needs of your practice.


Step 1: Set your Campaign's Name, Schedule, and Rewards


[Name your campaign]: Honoring Our Heroes - Spring 2020

[Set schedule]:
Start: (today)
End: 5/31/20

[Set rewards]:
Patient reward: 250 points (adjust if needed)
Invitee reward: FREE consultation, FREE financing, and $300 off full treatment (adjust if needed)

Step 2: Load your Campaign Image


[Campaign image]

Click here for the "HONORING OUR HEROES" image

Step 3: Create your Patient Share Page Message


[Patient share page]:
Headline text: Here's a Special Offer To Honor Healthcare Heroes

Body text:
Hi {Patient First Name}!

Do you know a healthcare hero who is working tirelessly to heal our nation? We'd like to join you in honoring them, so we've created a very special offer just for them. When your healthcare hero signs up to receive more information about [Practice Name] before [End Date], they will receive a [Invitee Reward] when they're ready to begin. For sharing this offer with your hero, you'll receive [Patient Reward] when they start treatment.

Step 4: Create the Message your Patient's Invitee will Receive


[Patient Message to Invitee]:
Message subject: Here's a Special Offer Just for Healthcare Heroes

Message body:  [Practice Name] wants to honor healthcare heroes by offering a [Patient Reward] so I thought I'd pass along the information. Click the offer by [End Date] and they'll reach out to you once their office reopens. [Practice Name] is awesome!


Step 5: Create your Invitee Signup Page Message


[Invitee Signup Page]:
Headline text: [Patient First Name] wants to honor you with a special offer just for healthcare heroes!

Body text: 
We can't wait to meet you! Sign up before [End Date] and receive a [Invitee Reward] when our office reopens.

Step 6: Create the Invitee Confirmation Page Message


[Invitee Signup Confirmation Page]:

Headline text: [Invitee First Name}, you are signed up for a [Invitee Reward]

Body text: 
We will contact you once our office reopens.
Visit us at [Practice Website] to learn more about us and the treatments we offer.

Launch Campaign!

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