Helping your Members set up a Linked Family



Linked family members can switch between accounts without logging out, and parents can help manage their children's accounts. Only parents/guardians can set up a linked family and link or unlink members from the family.

To better assist your members, here is a quick overview of the steps that members will take when setting up a Linked Family. A parent/guardian can set up a linked family in just a few clicks!

Set Up Linked Family

  1. The parent/guardian will log into the Hub and go to My Profile and Linked Family Members
  2. Click the Set Up Linked Family buttonLF_Setup_LF.png
  3. The parent/guardian that sets up the linked family becomes the family manager. The family manager can add and delete family members and help manage their accounts.R---Fam-Link-2.png
  4. Type the Username and Password for the account that will be linked and SubmitR---Fam-Link-3.png

A family manager can add more linked family members as needed.


Switch Between Accounts

As soon as they link an account, they can jump into it. 


This will enable parents to see the messages and points their children have received, as well as all the fun stuff they can do in the Hub, like contests, surveys, games, and more! 

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