Recovering a Member's Username and Password


Resetting a Password

You can help a member who has forgotten their password in two ways.

Option A - Self Help

Members can reset their password themselves with the Forgot Password link on the login screen. They will receive an email, to the address on file, with instructions on how to set a new password. You don’t have to do anything.


Option B - Hub Help

If a member calls your office or is there in person, you can start the password reset process for them in the Hub.

  1. Give the member their username if they do not have it. (If you see more than one username, you can give them either or both, as they will both work as logins.)
  2. Click the More Actions button.
  3. Click Reset Password and tell the member what email address their instructions will be sent to.
  4. Click Send.

An email will be sent with instructions on how to set a new password.


If they no longer have access to the email on their profile, then they can reach out to the Patient Rewards Hub Password Recovery team at (800) 560 - 1469 x3 or for further assistance.

NOTE: If the member has never logged in before they do not need to be given a password, they simply need their Rewards Number or Temporary Registration Code so they can register. They will choose their password during the registration process. You can tell if a member has registered or not by looking at their last login on the profile page.



Recovering a Username

It is easy to help a user recover their username.

Option A - Self Help

Members can recover their username using the Forgot Username link on the login screen without even calling you. They will just need to enter their email address. You don’t have to lift a finger.


Option B - Hub Help

If a member calls or is there in person, you can tell them the username and/or email listed under the username section of the profile page. 


NOTE: Members can choose their username in the profile information section of the Hub. If they have a username that is hard to remember, encourage them to update it next time they log in. They should choose something easy to remember and avoid using personal information.


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