Helping Staff Members Access the Hub


Your staff members can access the Hub in two different ways:

  • As staff members who award points to others
  • As members of your Hub who earn points, play contests and more


Accessing the Hub to Award Points to Others

In order to log into the Hub and award points to others, staff members need to know their username and password. 

To find out a staff member's username, go to the Staff List. If you need to also update their password, click on their name to get inside their account.


Then click on Edit Profile


Finally, type in a new password in the Password field and click Save.



Accessing the Hub to Earn Points, Play Contests, and More

In order to log into the Hub and earn or redeem points, staff members need to log into their member profiles.

If your business is already using Hubbux to manage points given to your staff members, then please ask your staff members to follow the directions in this article to set up their accounts, or these articles to gain access to accounts that have already been established. 

If your business is awarding points directly to staff member profiles in your Hub, then your staff members can log into their personal accounts by going to the same 'patient portal' that your patients use online or through the Patient Rewards Hub app.

To set up their accounts for the first time, they should do the following:

  1. Click Register
  2. Enter their username (same one they use to log into their staff profile)
  3. Click Continue with Email (or one of the other options)
  4. Provide their name (ensure that it matches the staff member's profile)
  5. Provide their date of birth
  6. Provide their email address
  7. Use the code in the email they receive to confirm their account
  8. Establish their password (this can be the same as the one they use on their staff profile)
  9. Go to their dashboard

Once their account is set up and they can access their dashboard, they will be able to log into their account on any device by using their email as their username

If they ever need to recover the password, they can follow the instructions in this article

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