Setting Up Your Cloud9 Checkin

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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With the Cloud9-Hub integration, your Hub members can easily check into their appointments with their rewards cards or mobile apps. 


To get started, please contact us at


Once connected, please follow the steps below.


Create Your Checkin Station

Place a checkin computer in your patient waiting area and ensure that the Cloud9 checkin screen is showing.

Note: You will need to use a computer that has a USB port, not an iPad or tablet.

Next, plug in a card reader and/or mobile scanner into the usb port(s) on the computer so that your members can scan their cards or mobile apps as soon as they arrive. 


Let Your Members Know

Tell your members that they can sign into their appointments in the waiting area by simply:

  • Swiping their card


  • Opening their app, tapping their profile photo, and scanning their barcode


After this, they simply need to click on the appointment that appears to checkin!