Testing Your Dolphin Check-In Feature


STEP 1: Setup your Sign-In Computer

  1. Place a patient-facing sign-in computer in your front office
  2. Ensure that it has Dolphin Management on it.
    • If it does not, contact Dolphin Support at 1-818-435-1368
  3. Enable Dolphin’s sign-in feature by:
    • Opening Dolphin
    • Clicking Edit > General > PracticeGenius Setup
    • Checking the box for “Allow patient sign-in using RewardsHub cards”
    • Selecting “Version 2.0” from the Service Version drop-down list


STEP 2: Connect Card Readers and App Scanners

  1. Ensure that a card reader or a mobile scanner is properly connected to the Sign-In computer
    • For Card Readers, please do the following:
      • Opening Notepad
      • Swiping a card
      • Confirming that the card’s 16-digit username appears
        • If the card reader is not capturing the username, then please let us know and we’ll ship out a new one!

    • For Mobile Scanners, please do the following:
      • Scan this barcode first:
      • Scan this barcode second:

* If you need a card reader or a mobile scanner, please complete the order form here


STEP 3: Create a Fake Patient Profile and Appointment

  1. Create a fake patient account in Dolphin
  2. Add an appointment for today
  3. Find the fake patient’s account in the Hub
    • If it is: Check the Patient Import Failures and Quarantines sections for the patient
    • If it isn’t: Contact PracticeGenius at 1-800-560-1469
    • If you cannot find it, confirm that the “Last Sync Date” on your Integrations page is today
  4. Inside the newly created patient’s account:
    • Carded Offices: Click “Connect Card” to attach a card to the profile
    • Cardless Offices: Move to the step 11


STEP 4: Sign-in the Fake Patient

  1. Open Dolphin’s Sign-In Feature
  2. Sign the patient in by:
    • Carded Offices: Swiping patient’s card through the card reader
    • Cardless Offices:
      • Logging into their Hub account on the Patient Rewards Hub app
      • Tapping their profile pic to reveal their account barcode
      • Scanning their barcode with the mobile scanner


If these steps do not successfully sign the patient in, please contact PracticeGenius at 1-800-560-1469 so that we can work with Dolphin Support to ensure that your Dolphin account has all the right settings enabled.  

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