Testing Your Dolphin Check-In Feature


STEP 1: Setup your Sign-In Computer

  1. Place a patient-facing sign-in computer in your front office
  2. Ensure that it has Dolphin Management on it.
    • If it does not, contact Dolphin Support at 1-818-435-1368
  3. Enable Dolphin’s sign-in feature by:
    • Opening Dolphin
    • Clicking Edit > General > PracticeGenius Setup
    • Checking the box for “Allow patient sign-in using RewardsHub cards”
    • Selecting “Version 2.0” from the Service Version drop-down list


STEP 2: Connect Card Readers and App Scanners

  1. Ensure that a card reader or a mobile scanner is properly connected to the Sign-In computer
    • For Card Readers, please do the following:
      • Opening Notepad
      • Swiping a card
      • Confirming that the card’s 16-digit username appears
        • If the card reader is not capturing the username, then please let us know and we’ll ship out a new one!
    • For Mobile Scanners, please do the following:
      • Scan this barcode first:
      • Scan this barcode second:

* If you need a card reader or a mobile scanner, please complete the order form here


STEP 3: Create a Fake Patient Profile and Appointment

  1. Create a fake patient account in Dolphin
  2. Add an appointment for today
  3. Find the fake patient’s account in the Hub
    • If you cannot find it, confirm that the “Last Sync Date” on your Integrations page is today
      • If it is: Check the Patient Import Failures and Quarantines sections for the patient
      • If it isn’t: Contact PracticeGenius at 1-800-560-1469
  1. Inside the newly created patient’s account:
    • Carded Offices: Click “Connect Card” to attach a card to the profile
    • Cardless Offices: Move to the step 11


STEP 4: Sign-in the Fake Patient

  1. Open Dolphin’s Sign-In Feature
  2. Sign the patient in by:
    • Carded Offices: Swiping patient’s card through the card reader
    • Cardless Offices:
      • Logging into their Hub account on the Patient Rewards Hub app
      • Tapping their profile pic to reveal their account barcode
      • Scanning their barcode with the mobile scanner


If these steps do not successfully sign the patient in, please contact us so that we can reach out to Dolphin Support and ensure that your Dolphin account has all the right settings enabled.  

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