Announcing Referral Campaigns with Social Media Manager


As soon as you create your campaign, spread the smiles by announcing it with Social Media Manager!

Go to the Program Activities page in your Social Media Manager, then click on the “Refer-A-Friend” button.


From here, you can create the announcements your business will send out at the start and end of each campaign.


Activate your Social Media Announcements

Start by clicking on the “When a Seasonal Campaign Starts” and switching on the different social media networks you would like this message to appear on.


Next, adjust when this announcement will be broadcast and how often using the date controls. 


You can also click inside the Message text box to customize your announcement. This allows you to not only create messages that fit your business, but also customize messages based on how close to the Campaign Start Date they appear.


Once you’re finished, use the network icons on the bottom right to preview how the message will appear, then click "Save."


Repeat these steps for the "When a Seasonal Campaign Starts" and "When a Seasonal Campaign Ends" sections. 


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