*BETA* Analyzing Referral Shares and New Leads


If you’re interested in making your Refer-A-Friend campaigns even more effective, then you definitely want to check out your Reports tab!

The reports tab gives you the inside scoop on how well your standard and seasonal campaigns have performed by comparing the number of times they’ve been shared by your patients, how many times they were opened, and how many new leads were gained from each -- plus a bunch more!

You can check out the popularity and effectiveness of your currently running and completed campaigns  by going to your Referral Manager, then clicking the "Reports" button on the left!


In this reports section, you can use the Timeline, Points, Users, and Popularity tabs along the top to find out different pieces of information about each of your campaigns.



The Timeline report is an excellent way to get a bird’s eye view of how your promotions performed in comparison to each other, especially if you’re trying to figure out:

  • Which did better in specific months
  • Which was shared most often by your patients
  • Which was opened most often by your invitees
  • Which resulted in the most new patients

Knowing these pieces of information will help you design better campaigns in the future.

For instance, if one of your promotions had a high share rate, but a low open rate, that means that your patients were very interested in the prize you were offering them to refer their friends, but their friends did not feel inspired to open the message they received from your patient.

Therefore, you may see better results if you update the Message Subject on the “Patient to Invitee” message in your campaign to something more intriguing.

To get the most out of this report, use the Promotion and Timeframe filters located at the bottom of the page to widen or narrow the range of your dataset.




The Points report is the fastest way to see how many points were awarded over the course of each of your campaigns, and how they rank in terms of points spent.


Please note that this list may not necessarily order your campaigns in terms of efficacy or true cost to your practice. Some promotions may show 0 points awarded because a custom prize was provided instead.



The Users report helps you figure out which of your patients have shared your campaigns and which person was your biggest advocate.

Although the graph only shows your top 12 advocates, you can see a full list of your campaign sharers at the bottom half of the page.


Hover over their names to see which campaigns they have participated in and how many times they shared each of them. Use the Campaign and Timeframe filters located at the bottom of the page to widen or narrow the range of your dataset.



The Popularity report is a great way to quickly see which campaign has had the most traction. The bars in the graph are also color coded to make it easily apparent which campaign has had the most hares, opens, new leads, and patients.


As with the other reports, you can use the Campaign and Timeframe filters located at the bottom of the page to widen or narrow the range of your dataset.

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