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Activity Loops is a gamified habit tracker designed with the power of behavioral science to build and reinforce healthy habits in a fun and engaging way. This in-app habit tracker uses extrinsic rewards to empower and encourage members to hit their goals.

To use Activity Loops in the Patient Rewards Hub or Hubbux Rewards apps, you must first add activity loops into your office portal. Once you've created a library of activity loops to choose from, your team can invite your members to start the activity loops that apply to that member.



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Create a Loop

Go to Manage> Activity Loops> Add.


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Choose from customizable options in the Marketplace.

You may sort by category, timeframe, style, or ones favorited by your staff.


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Once you choose your loop, click on it to customize.


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When you're done, click [Publish]. You'll be taken back to the main page for Activity Loops where you may view and manage all of your current loops as well as view past ones. 


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Click on a specific loop to view the details or make edits.


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Inviting a Member to Join 

Inviting a member to join a loop is easy! Simply navigate to a member profile. On the left, under their name, you'll see how many loops are available to this specific member as well as the invitation button.


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Click Send Invitation and choose the Activity Loop. You are able to customize it with a personal message.


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Once you send the invitation, you'll be taken back to the member's profile page where you can see the status of their Activity Loops.

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Member View

Your members will receive an email and in-app notification inviting them to start.


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This feature enables members to review their objectives and express their dedication through a pledge, enhancing their sense of ownership and accountability.


As they progress through the setup screens, they'll select how often and what time they'd like to be reminded to complete this activity. The app will send them push notifications to remind them of the behaviors that will bring them closer to their goals. They can click in their app to indicate they've completed the activity for that time period.

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Members will receive an encouraging message each time they track their activity or complete a loop.




You may edit or remove an Activity Loop at any time. However, once a member starts a Loop, they will be able to finish it with the original goal even if you no longer offer that particular Loop to new members. 

You will find a flyer attached to this article that you may hang up around the office or hand to members to help them get started. 👍

If you have questions or would like assistance setting up Activity Loops, please reach out to us at