Utilizing the Reports Feature

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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The reports feature allows you to gather and analyze data from your Hub! 

To access any of the eight reports that are available in your Hub, simply click on the "Reports" tab at the top of the screen. Then click on one of the following reports.


Which report should you choose? 

  • Points Timeline - Displays the number of points awarded over the span of a given timeframe
  • User Points - Displays a list of users and their points
  • Staff Awarded Points - Easily identify which staff member is awarding points over a specific timeframe
  • Referrals - This allows you to see what referrals are coming in through your referral campaigns
  • Reward Item - Popularity - This lets you know how frequently a particular reward item has been awarded over the span of a given timeframe
  • Reward Item - Points - Displays the value of reward items for easy comparison
  • Prizes - Popularity - Lets you know how frequently a particular prize has been ordered over the span of a given timeframe
  • Prizes Points - Displays the value of prizes for easy comparison
  • History Pending Points  - Shows all instances in which a user was awarded an amount of points that exceeded the 'automatically approved' limit, and whether the points were approved by an Admin.
  • History Points Awarded- Roll up of points awarded and can be sorted by date