Catch' em All Photo Contest


Get in on the Pokémon Go action with our cool, new contest!

Here's How It Works:

Launch the Contest

To launch the Catch 'Em All contest, either click on the message at the top of your front page dashboard, or go to Manage > Contests to find it in the contest gallery.

Once the contest is located, click on “Schedule Contest”.

You can also close out the contest alert message if you have not done so already.

Determine how many points the winner and participants will receive, then decide when the contest will start and end. Finally, click “Save” to start!

Now your contest is scheduled!


Spread the Word

You have the freedom to decide how your winner is chosen! Will it be the person whose photo gets ‘liked’ the most on Facebook? The member with the rarest Pokemon?

Once you decide on your criteria, let your members know! This can be via word-of-mouth, in-Hub messaging, social media posts, or contest announcements.

To change your contest announcements, head to your contest announcement settings (see this article if you need help with getting there), and update the messages that will be sent out to advertise your contest.

Here are a couple examples from a business that decided to choose their winner based on which photo received the most ‘likes’ on their Facebook page:

When a Contest is Scheduled

When a Contest is Started


Offer "In-Office" Incentives

Another great idea is to offer an incentive to have your members take their photo inside your office. You can create a reward item for “Catch ‘Em All In-Office Photo” by following the directions here!


Post Photos to Facebook

As the entries roll in, post them to Facebook!

It’s as simple as going to the Contests dashboard, clicking on “View Entries” and expanding each entry you see. At the bottom of each photo will be a “Post to Facebook” button. As soon as it’s pushed, your participant’s photo will show up on your Facebook feed!


Choose Your Winner

Once the contest concludes, you can choose your winner by going to the Contest dashboard and clicking “Pick Winner.”

Next, find the entry that best met your criteria, and select them as the winner by clicking the “Pick as The Winner” button next to their entry.


Don't Forget!

If you changed your contest announcement settings for this contest, be sure to change them back to normal before your next contest starts!

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