Places- Transform your Team meetings!

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Places is a fantastic feature that will allow you to transform mundane meetings into meaningful, people-centered gatherings focused on the things that matter most to build culture; cohesion, recognition, and engagement. You'll look like a rockstar as you easily, efficiently, and naturally make meetings the highlight of the day. 🤘



To get started, navigate to Manage>Places. Click Add +.




Name your Place.


Places Title.jpg


There are 3 simple parts to creating a Place: Blocks + Theme + People with Access.


Step 1: Add a Block

Click Add Block and a menu will open up with options to choose from.



Select an option to continue. Let's say you want to highlight a birthday. Click Birthday and a Block will open for you to customize. Start by editing the Title.





 Next, choose from the dropdown menu who you are celebrating.


happy birthday text.jpg

It will automatically populate with a happy birthday message and the member's profile picture. You may edit the text as needed and upload a new picture if you wish.

Next, you may add an image. We have lots of fun images to choose from or you may upload your own.


bday image.jpg


You may edit the layout of the Block and add animation if applicable.




Step 2: Customize your Theme

Choose a Theme from Marketplace. This theme will be the background for all Blocks. 





Step 3: People With Access

Lastly, select which Groups of members need to have access to view and participate. 

Click Add Block to continue building your Place. You may add a Content Block to share announcements, schedule updates, etc or add a Game Block to add a bit of fun to your meeting!


Step 4: Present

Once you have added all of your Blocks, you may click Preview or Done. The Place will now live in your Drafts. Click the 3 dots to the right when you are ready to present.




Your team will receive a notification in their Hubbux app that your Place is live. You may also copy the link to send via email or other messaging systems if needed. 


Places makes meeting together fun! It's where you can connect, align, and add a bit of magic to your day. ✨