Communication Manager Top 3 Tips for Templates + Examples You Can Use!

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Top 3 Tips

#1 - Keep It Short & Sweet

Fast, simple emails hold readers' interest much better than long ones, and short messages better convey your enthusiasm and personality.

#2 - Use the "U’s"

When crafting the subject line and body of your message, make sure it has:

  • Urgency - Is your reader immediately compelled to open your message?
  • Usefulness - Will your reader find your message valuable?
  • Uniqueness - Is your message original and intriguing?

#3 - Engage Your Audience

Incorporate the following techniques to engage audiences across all demographics:

  • Ask Questions to make your emails more conversational
  • Use the word "you" to show friendliness
  • Add your own personality with cool fonts, catch phrases, and pictures
  • Highlight the benefits of heeding your message
  • Call them to action with something they can do immediately


Sample Template Showcase

To give you a few ideas, here are a few of our own favorites! 


Aligner Change Reminder #1

Subject: "Is it that time already?!?"


Aligner Change Reminder #2

Subject: "Are you sticking to your schedule?"


Elastics Reminder #1

Subject: "Don't Forget to Wear Your Elastics :)"



Elastics Reminder #2

Subject: "Want to Fast-Track your Braces?"


Oral Hygiene Reminder

Subject: "With Great Brushing Comes Great Possibility"


Call for Reviews

Subject: "Remember to Review!"


New Team Member Welcome

Subject: "Welcome Aboard!"


Want to make your own?

Making templates is fun and easy! To get started, simply find a message that you like in the list below, head to your Communication Manager Settings page, scroll down to the template section and click "Add a New Template." 

Now all you have to do is copy and paste the Template Name, Subject, and Body we've provided! It's as easy as 1-2-3, takes about 3 seconds, and once you're finished, you can refine the language and look to your heart's content. 

If you would like to add graphics, feel free to use your own, or start with some of the fun engagement pieces we've created, which are located at the bottom of this article. In addition to the graphics used in the samples above, they also include these: 



Template Texts


Template Name: Welcome to our office!

Welcome to our office!

Body: It was great meeting you today. Can’t wait to see you again and remember to bring your rewards card to your next visit to rack up points!


Template Name: Post-Appointment 

Subject: Great to meet you today!

Body: You did an AWESOME job at your exam today. Remember to keep brushing and flossing because I’d love to give you points for taking great care of your smile!  


Template Name: Post-Appointment Shout Out 


Body: It was great chatting with you today!  We are excited to see all of the amazing things are you doing. Keep up the good work!


Template Name: Vacation Send-Off

Subject: Have a great time on your vacation!

Body: I hope you have a blast on your vacation. We look forward to hearing all about it at your next visit!


Template Name: Referral Thanks

Subject: Wow - Thanks so much!

Body: Thanks for referring someone as awesome as you to our practice! 50 points have been added to your rewards card. You rock!


Template Name: Halloween Message

Subject: Happy Halloween! However...

Body: Be careful when you bite into your tasty treats this month! All those sweet, sour, and sticky candies may taste great, but they can damage your teeth, break braces, and delay precious treatment time.


Template Name: Rewards Card Reminder

Subject: Rewards Card

Body: Don’t forget to bring your rewards card to each visit so you can earn points for being an awesome Hub member!


Template Name: Like & Follow Us Call to Action

Subject: Like & Follow Us

Body: Did you know you could earn additional points on your card for Liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and Instagram?  Log into the Hub today. click on the earn points tab, and watch the points roll in!


Template Name: We strive for 5!

Subject: We strive for 5!


  • Option 1:

    We strive for 5 stars!  If you were happy with our service, would you please share the love and leave us a review? {Provide your Practice's Google or Yelp URL link}
  • Option 2:

    Thank you for your 5-star Hub review and congratulations on earning [#] of reward points!  If you would like to earn additional reward points, you can post your review to our other review sites.  Simply click the link(s) below, post your review, and email us the review site(s) and the username you posted under (or print and bring to your next appointment): {link}


Template Name: Today is the Day!

Subject: Today is the Day!

Body: Don't forget to change your aligners.  You're on your way to a perfect smile. :D


Template Name: Brushing Reminder

Subject: Pearly Whites

Body: Don't forget to brush those pearly whites.... well, at least the ones you want to keep!


Template Name: Wear Pink for Points!

Subject: Wear Pink for Points!

Body: We support breast cancer awareness and will be donating $1.00 to Susan G. Komen for every 10 points given out this month. So if you have an appointment in October, wear pink, score 10 points, and help the cause!  


Template Name: Happy 8th Birthday

Subject: Happy 8th Birthday

Body: Look at that, You’re finally 8! Now hurry in and don’t be late!
There’s no time like the present to check out your smile. Come see us soon for your orthodontic exam!                                                 


Template Name: Ahhhh Snap

Ahhhh Snap

Body: Just a friendly reminder to put your elastics back in!


Template Name: Wear your rubber bands!

Subject: Wear your rubber bands!

Body: Remember to wear your rubber bands 24 hours a day for a great treatment result!


Template Name: #elastics

Subject: #elastics

Body: Remember to wear your rubber bands as instructed.  You’re on your way to a great smile!


Template Name: Accelerate your Treatment

Subject: Accelerate your Treatment


  • Option 1: 

    Don’t forget your AcceleDent®. You’re on a fast track to a great smile.

  • Option 2:

    Using AcceleDent® = Braces off sooner

  • Option 3:

    Don’t forget to use your AcceleDent® device today.


Engagement Graphics