Creating a New Message


Communication Manager makes designing, scheduling, and sending messages a cinch!

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Create a New Message

Click on the "Manage" tab at the top of your screen, and select "Communication Manager" from the drop-down list that appears.

Here you will see the Compose screen, which is broken into four sections:

  • Who will receive your message?
  • What will it say?
  • Where will they see it?
  • When will it be delivered?

Let's discuss how to use each of these sections!


WHO: Choose Your Recipients

Depending on what kind of message you're composing, you may want to use either the Add Recipients by Name or the Add Recipients by Type, Group, Tag option.

Add Recipients by Name

If you'd like to send a message to just a few recipients, search for them by typing in each name and clicking on the appropriate name in the drop-down list.

Add Recipients by Type, Group, Tag

If you're sending a message to a wide array of users, check the boxes next to the groups you’re communicating with to include them in your list.

If you would like to further specify which users in these groups should receive your message, you can use the tag filters to pare down your recipient list.

Make sure to choose your drop-down option carefully! The “With Any of These Tags” option will give you a much broader recipient list than the “With All of These Tags” option.

For example, if you had checked the “Retainers” and “Orthodontic Patient” tags in the list, and chose to send your message to recipients “With Any of These Tags,” your message would be sent to members who were classified as "Orthodontic Patient" and members wearing retainers.

If you had chosen the “With All of These Tags” option instead, your recipient list would only consist ofmembers who were classified as "Orthodontic Patient" or members wearing retainers..


WHAT: Compose Your Message

Communication Manager makes composing messages fast and easy by letting you use templates and variables.

Choose a Template

Click on the arrow to see all the templates you can choose from. (If nothing appears that means you haven't created any yet. See our article on how to create templates to get started with these.)

If you would like to create a brand new message, simply leave your selection as "Select a Template (blank)"

Add Finesse!

Drag and drop variables from the Variable Cloud into your message. You can even create your own if you want to add even more customization by clicking on the "Add New Variable" button.


What Are variables?

Variables are information placeholders that help customize your message. For instance, if you drop in the "First Name" variable and send a message to a member named Jessica, the variable would be replaced with the name "Jessica." This will happen for each of your recipients, thus letting your recipients feel like you are contacting each of them individually, even though you really only wrote one message.


Refine the Language & Imagery

Next, check out the text of the message itself to make sure it's to your liking. Use the textbox tool kit to change the color, font, and size of the text, or use your keyboard to type in any updates necessary. (Don't worry, this will not make changes to the pre-saved template itself.)

You can also add images by clicking on the "mountain" icon at the far right.

Then select the image you want from your computer's folders.


Preview Your Message

Once your message is good to go, take a sneak peek at what your recipients will see by clicking on the “Preview” button.

**Note** You can use the icons at the top of the preview screen to see how your message will appear as an email or an in-app notification.


WHERE: Choose Your Mode of Communication

Check the boxes next to the modes of communication you'd like to use for this message.

  • Email - Choose this method if you would like to send a message containing text and/or images directly to your recipients’ inboxes.

  • In-App Message - Choose this method if you would like to send a text-only message that will appear as a pop-up notification on your recipient’s’ mobile devices.


WHEN: Create Your Messaging Schedule

Each message you create will get to have its own messaging schedule!

Schedule Reminders & Repeat Messages

Use the scheduling section to establish when your message will be sent, how often it will be repeated, and when it will be discontinued.

**Note** If you would like your message to be sent on a few different days during the week, choose the "Custom" option in the "Repeat" drop-down list.


Send Your Message Immediately

If you would prefer to send a one-time message immediately, click the "Send Now" header.


Click Submit

Once you're satisfied with your message, its recipient list, and schedule, click "Submit" to send it out.

Congratulations, your message is complete!

Now, jump to our next article to learn about how you can utilize your Inbox, Sent Folder, and Schedule!

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