Utilizing the Inbox, Sent, and Scheduled Folders


Now that you've composed a message, let's talk about the next three tabs in Communication Manager: Inbox, Sent, and Scheduled.

Here's a quick, 1-minute video explaining each:



Your Inbox will show you any messages addressed to you directly or to any of your groups. To jump to your Inbox, simply click on the "Inbox" button at the top left.

Here you will be able to change the way you view your messages by choosing the layout you like best at the top right.

Additionally, you can organize your messages by using the Sort By drop-down list, and add flags to your messages or delete them entirely.



Your Sent folder will show all the messages sent by anyone in your business to anyone else. To jump to your Sent folder, simply click on the "Sent" button at the top left.

You can use the Sort By and Filter By menus on the left to find particular messages quickly.

Additionally, you can see exactly who received the messages by clicking on the recipient list.

And lastly, you can add flags, highlight and delete messages to help keep your folder organized.



Your Scheduled folder will show you any messages scheduled to be sent out on future dates. To jump to your Scheduled folder, simply click on the "Scheduled" button at the top left.

Just as in the Sent folder, you will be able to use the Sort By and Filter By options to find messages quickly.

Additionally, you will be able to see when your future messages are scheduled to go out, and readjust their timing if necessary.

To do this, click on a date containing a scheduled message, then click on the message that appears on the right side of the calendar:

If this date needs to be changed, scroll down the message and click on "Edit Schedule."

A composition pop-up will appear. Use the When section at the bottom to re-adjust when the message will be sent.

**Note** While on this pop-up, you can also change any other details about the message's text, recipients, and communication channels.



You're well on your way to mastering Communication Manager! The last thing you should look into is how to create templates.


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