Awarding Points to Staff Members


If you would like to get your staff involved in all the Hub fun, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Step 1: Establish a staff-only reward list
  • Step 2: Allow your staff to redeem points for prizes
  • Step 3: Give points to your staff
  • Step 4: Let your staff earn points through surveys, contests, and more!

Let’s begin!


Step 1: Establish a Staff-Only Rewards List

Once you have set up your staff accounts, you (an admin of the Hub) can start giving them points by making them a specific list of reward items in the Reward Menu. To do this, simply:

Create the Reward Group

  1. Hover over the "Manage" tab at the top, and click on "Reward Menu"

  2. If there is already a “Staff,” “Team” or “Employee” reward group on your page, awesome! Move onto Step #4: Tracking Awarded Points below.

    If one is not yet on the list, click the blue "
    Add Reward Group" button at the top to create one.

    Use a bit of fun, and title for your new group, then click "Save."

Create the Reward Items

  1. Click on the "Add Reward Item" button at the top

  2. Fill in the "Reward Item" and "Points" fields

  3. Select the "Reward Group" you located or created in Step #2

  4. Make sure only the "Staff group is checked in the Groups section below

    **NOTE** If you would like to read more about how tags and groups work, check out our support article here!

  5. Click "Save."


Step 2: Allow Your Staff to Redeem Points for Prizes

To make sure that your Team Points reward menu shows up on each of your staff's accounts, verify that your Staff Group is linked to the Employee Tag.

In most cases, this step will have already been accomplished during the initial setup of your hub, but to guarantee that it has:

  1. Click on "Manage," then click on "Groups."

  2. Click "Ok" on the pop-up that appears.

  3. Find the Staff group and open it by clicking "Edit."

  4. Confirm that a Rule is in place linking the Employee tag.

  5. Confirm that Prize Redemption is enabled.

Step 3: Give Points to Your Staff

Now that your reward group is created and the Employee tag is linked, you can give points to your staff!

To ensure that points are rewarded fairly and securely, please note the following:

  1. Only Hub admins can award points to staff members.
  2. Staff cannot see other staff profiles and/or give points to them.
  3. Admins cannot give points to themselves.
  4. Staff cannot see other staff or admin points on the Hub's activity feed.

Let's start adding points!

  1. Jump to the profile of the staff member you would like to reward by typing their name in the find bar OR clicking on "Users" followed by "Staff" and selecting their name from the staff list. 


  2. Double check that they have the Employee tag on their profile.


    If they do not have this, add it by clicking on "edit tags" and searching for the Employee tag.


  3. Click "Add Points" and check the boxes for all the items that apply!


Step 4: Let Your Staff Earn Points

In addition to being able to receive points from admins, your staff members can also log into the member-side of your Hub to earn points by playing contests, taking surveys, following your social media feeds, and more! All they have to do is log in using the same credentials they would normally use to get into their staff profiles. 



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