Setting Up Posts for Surveys


Just as with Reviews, Social Media Manager can automatically announce when new surveys become available. All you have to determine is the expiration date of your announcements.


How It Works

When you create a survey, Social Media Manager does not immediately announce it. Instead, it adds it as approved content to the Content Library. It will then post the survey announcement to your social networks according to the frequency settings you will set in AutoPost settings.

By setting the expiration date for Surveys, you're telling Social Media Manager when a survey announcement should be removed from approved content in the Content Library. This helps prevent an outdated survey announcement from being posted.


Head to “Survey Settings”

Click on the “Manage” tab at the top of your Home screen, and select “Social Media Manager” from the drop-down.

Click on “Settings”

Click on “#2 - Program Activities”

Click on “Surveys”

This is where you will establish how long Social Media Manager displays your surveys.


Click "When a Survey is Published"

Click on the ‘When a Survey is Published’ mantle, then use the textbox and drop-down list to set an expiration that will determine how long your survey announcement will stay approved in the Content Library.

Finish by clicking “Save.”

And it’s set! We've just told Social Media Manager how long to keep a survey announcement approved in the Content Library.

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