Social Media Manager: Quick Start Guide


By utilizing your Social Media Manager's Content Library and Social Calendar, your Hub admin can simply click, pick, and auto-post fresh and engaging social content to your various social networks including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Rewards Hub Web Application
  • Rewards Hub Mobile Application

You control the frequency and types of posts by configuring your settings.

This is the quick start guide for those of us that like to jump right in.

Accessing Social Media Manager

  1. Click "Manage"
  2. Click "Social Media Manager" at the bottom of the drop down menu.

Setting Up

You'll hook up your social networks, customize posts and set posting frequencies first.

Connect Your Social Networks

Activate any social networks you'd like to use with Social Media Manager.

Customize Program Activities

Customize Contests, Reviews, Surveys activity posts.

Connecting Contests to your Social Feeds

  1. Enable desired social networks.
  2. Add Schedule Rules to determine when to post Contest announcements.
  3. Customize a Message for each Schedule Rule.

Reviews and Surveys

Tell Social Media Manager when to expire a Review or Survey and thereby remove it from approved content in the Content Library.

AutoPost Settings

AutoPost intelligently posts your approved content for you based on the settings found here.

Tell it how often and to which networks...

...and adjust the sliders to fine tune the different categories of content to post. Create your own voice!

The Content Library

The Content Library is where you find, approve and schedule content for Social Media Manager to post on your behalf.

Where does content come from?

The Content Library is populated from three origins:

  1. PRH Provided - This is content is curated, categorized and made available by the Rewards Hub™.
  2. My Creations - This is content you have added to Social Media Manager. It can be a message, article, image or video link.
  3. Program Activities - This is content created by the three program activities: Contests, Reviews and Surveys.

Find Content

It's easy to find content in the Content Library.

  • Use the Search bar at the top to find content by keyword(s)
  • Tick various Filter By checkboxes to narrow down your results
  • Sort By Newest or Oldest using the picklist

Approving Content

Social Media Manager can only post content you have approved. So we'll need to keep Social Media Manager happy by giving it lots of approved content.

Approve Articles Manually

  1. Hover over an article you like.
  2. Click "Approve" to approve it and let AutoPost figure out a good time to post it based on your settings.

    Or click "Schedule" to approve and pick an exact date and time you'd like to post it.


Auto-Approve a Category

You can also Auto-Approve new content from an entire category by ticking the checkbox in AutoPost settings.

Adding Your Own Content

There are endless possibilities when you add your own content!

Using Social Calendar

Social Calendar lets you view what's been posted as well as make on-the-fly adjustments to your upcoming posts.


We've set up Social Media Manager's settings to our liking and begun approving content.

For more in-depth training, try our full guides:

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