Setting Up AutoPost


AutoPost is the component that handles all automatic scheduling in Social Media Manager. Based on the settings you determine, it will automatically figure out the best time of day and what type of content to post on your behalf.

In AutoPost Settings, you'll create a unique voice for your social media presence by customizing the type and frequency of content posted automatically by the Social Media Manager.

**Note** AutoPost is confined to posting between the hours of 6am and 6pm in your time zone. However, you can always manually schedule a post outside of these hours.

Navigate to “AutoPost Settings”

Click on the “Manage” tab at the top of your Home screen, and select “Social Media Manager” from the drop-down.

Click on “Settings”

Click on “#3 - AutoPost Settings”

Toggle On/Off Social Networks

Decide which social networks should receive upcoming Contest announcements. If you do not want a particular network to receive updates about your contest, simply click the “Toggle” button to turn it “On” or “Off.”

Set Minimum Number of Posts Per Day/Week/Month/Year

The second setting you should adjust is your minimum desired posts per day, week, month, or year. Set this to the fewest number of posts you'd like AutoPost to make on your behalf.

Adjust Category Preferences

Next, click and drag the sliders to tell Autopost the kind of content you’d prefer to see on your social media feeds most often.

What do the percentages mean?

There’s a nuanced algorithm running in the background that enables Social Media Manager to select and post the best content for your business based on the settings you establish on this page. What this essentially means is:

  • Slide all the way to right if you really enjoy a particular category and would like to see it on your networks as much as possible
  • Slide all the way to the left if you are not interested in seeing this category on your social networks.
  • Slide somewhere in the middle if you would like to see this category, but not as much as the ones you’ve slid all the way to the right.

Auto Approve

Finally, we have Auto Approve. This is a great time-saving feature!

Instead of manually approving content in the Content Library one article at a time, you can automatically approve all future PRH Provided content in a specific category. For example, you could decide to auto-approve the Holidays category and any new holiday articles the Rewards Hub™ adds to the Content Library will be automatically approved, and able to be deployed to your social networks without you ever having to be involved.

All you have to do is check the box to the right of the category, then designate whether you'd like to approve:  

  • Everything: All content that has been and will be added to this category
  • Only Future: Content that will be added in the future

More on approving content is found in Approving Content in The Content Library.


Your setup is complete. If you're following the article series in order, you have configured Social Connections, Program Activity Posts and AutoPost Settings and are now all set to approve content that you’d like posted or even create your own!

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