Taking Control with Social Calendar and the Content Library


In this article we're going to learn how to preview and perfect your content posting schedule using the Social Calendar.

Viewing Your Upcoming Posts in the Social Calendar

Click on the “Manage” tab at the top of your home page, and then select “Social Media Manager” to jump to your approved content.

Click on “Social Calendar” to see a calendarized view of all the posts scheduled to launch!

What do the colors mean?

  • SCHEDULED - These are posts you've scheduled for a specific date and time.
  • FORECASTED AUTOPOST - These are posts that AutoPost may post at the forecasted time.

**Note** The reason we say “may post” is that certain factors--such as your business making a change to AutoPost’s settings or manually scheduling a different post to go out at the same time as the one forecasted--can change the timing of the forecasted post.


Previewing a Post

Find out exactly what will be posted and when by:

Scrolling through the side-bar:

Clicking on individual days:

Whether you’re looking at all the upcoming content or only a specific day’s, you can use the social icons that appear beneath each piece to preview how they will look on your social media feeds. Simply hover over the icons to get a sneak-peek!


Modifying Scheduled Posts and Forecasted AutoPosts

You can Reschedule, Save for Later, or Remove any forecasted post you like simply by clicking the Modify button.

Before you do, though, let’s briefly cover what each option means:

  • Reschedule - Allows you to change the date and time of a scheduled or forecasted AutoPost.
  • Save For Later - Un-schedules the post but keeps it approved. This means AutoPost will have another chance to forecast and post it for you at a later date.
  • Remove from Approved - Removes the content from your approved library so that AutoPost will NOT be able to post it (unless you approve it again).

Modifying in your Social Calendar

In Social Calendar, you'll see the Modify and Confirm buttons in the detail column to the right of the month view.

Click on "Modify" to see your options appear.


Modifying in your Content Library

In the Content Library, you'll see the Modify and Confirm buttons when you hover over an approved or scheduled post.

Click on "Modify" to see your options appear.

**Note** Use the Approved filter to find them more easily.


Confirming Posts

The Confirm button only shows up on content that is forecasted by AutoPost. Above the button you will see the FORECASTED date. As mentioned before, a forecasted post can shift to another day depending on other activities in Social Media Manager. Clicking Confirm will override this and schedule the post for that exact date and time.

You can click “Confirm” on a post in both the Social Calendar…

And the Approved Content Library.

Clicking confirm on a Forecasted AutoPost turns it into a scheduled post. You're still presented with a Modify button if you wish to adjust the post again.



We've taken control of our posting schedule by viewing the Social Calendar and learning how to modify post scheduling status.

Wow, you did it!  You're now a Social Media Manager Master!

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