Social Media Manager: Article Series


By utilizing your Social Media Manager's Content Library and Social Calendar, your Hub admin can simply click, pick, and auto-post fresh and engaging social content to your various social networks including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Rewards Hub Web Application
  • Rewards Hub Mobile Application

Having been designed on the Hub platform, program activities like contests, surveys and reviews can effortlessly be incorporated into your social campaigns as well!

In addition to the vast library of pre-designed content, you can craft your own custom creations. And, to ensure you’re always on top of your social campaigns, within the feature you’ll find a Social Calendar, allowing a detailed or at-a-glance view to quickly assess what’s on-deck from your approved posting schedule.

Let’s Get Started!

How It Works

Social Media Manager automatically posts content you approve to your social networks. You control the frequency and types of posts by configuring your settings. And you tell it what to post by approving existing content and creating your own content in the Content Library.

You must be a Rewards Hub™ admin to configure and use Social Media Manager.

How to Access Social Media Manager

The rest of the guide takes place inside Social Media Manager. Here's how to get there:

1. Click "Manage"

2. Click "Social Media" in the drop down menu.



Here we've covered what Social Media Manager does for you, how it works and what's covered in this article series.

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