Converting Team Rewards to Hubbux Team Rewards: the MEMBER Experience

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What Changed for Team Members?

If your team members were already receiving rewards in the Patient Rewards Hub, their experience will be slightly different with the new enhancements, including:

  • A new Hubbux Rewards app
  • New ways to earn points
  • Recognition from owners, team leads, and peers
  • Work anniversary celebrations
  • Employee-specific prizes (if applicable)

If you haven't yet set up your new Hubbux Teams Hub, you can find a step-by-step guide here.

Once your new Hubbux Teams Hub is ready to go, it's time to LAUNCH your new Hub. Let's take a closer look at what's changed for your employees, and how to spread the word.

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Navigating the MEMBER experience

In Hubbux Teams, your employees are MEMBERS of your rewards program, and can receive rewards, recognitions, and earn prizes.

Here’s a quick introduction to how Members will enjoy Hubbux Teams. Please let your Growth & Success Advisor know if you’d like a link to this video to play at your launch party.


gray horizontal line.pngLogging into Hubbux Teams as a MEMBER


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Now that you have separate Hubs for patient rewards and team rewards, most of your employees will have two separate usernames and passwords: a Hubbux Teams MEMBER account and a Patient Rewards Hub USER account.

Employees are MEMBERS of Hubbux Teams. Your employees will need a registered member account to access their team rewards.

  • Hubbux Rewards App or Hubbux Teams microsite. If an employee previously registered their member account in the Patient Rewards Hub, login information will be migrated to Hubbux Teams. They will not need to re-register, but should begin using the Hubbux Rewards app or your Hubbux Teams microsite to access their account. The URL can be found on your Hubbux Teams marketing collateral.
  • Invitation by Email. If an employee has not previously registered their rewards account, they should be sent an invitation to register from your Hubbux Teams Hub. The process to send an invitation to register is the same as it is when you invite patients to register their accounts. Learn more

Employees are USERS of Patient Rewards Hub. Your employees will remain USERS of your Patient Rewards Hub, awarding points and sending messages to your patients. The username they used to access Patient Rewards Hub as a USER ( has not changed.

Owners and select admins are USERS in Hubbux Teams. Only owners and admins that will be awarding points to team members will also have a USER account in Hubbux Teams. Logging into Hubbux Teams as a USER is covered in this support article.

Earning Points

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Members may receive points in their rewards account in multiple ways:

Automatically. Some rewards, like welcome messages, birthday wishes, and work anniversaries may be set up in your Hub to automatically award points.

Members can earn participation points in their rewards account for behaviors like logging into the app for the first time, leaving you a review, or participating in a contest or survey. Members can also earn points automatically by scanning QR codes created in your Hub.

Patient Rewards Hub Integration. The integration between Hubbux Teams and the Patient Rewards Hub will track activity in the Patient Rewards Hub, reflecting progress toward goals, and automatically award points when a goal is met. Learn more

Awarded by an Owner or Admin. Owners and admin-level users can award points in Hubbux Teams Hubs if they have been added as a User in your Hub. Points are awarded by visiting the members’ profile in your office portal and clicking the reward to award the points.

Tip: Members receive an automated notification at the end of each day points were added to their rewards account, so awarding points consistently is a great way to keep team members engaged in your program.

Receiving Recognition


Hubbux Teams creates culture by giving you and your team members a way to recognize birthdays, milestones, and a job well done.

Automatic Recognition. Your Hub can be set up to automatically send personal messages (with points) for birthdays and work anniversaries. These milestones also appear in the company recognition feed.

Company Recognition. As an admin for your Hub, you can send company recognition to individuals, a list of team members, or a group.

Individual Recognition. Members can also send their own recognition to other team members and "like" recognition posts.

Redeeming Points

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Members can redeem their points for prizes like gift cards from national chains, and in-house prizes that may have been added to your Hub by your admins.

Members simply navigate to the 🛒 where they'll find prizes available for redemption, each corresponding to a specific point value. Click on the button next to the desired prize to "Add to Cart" and check out.

Launching Hubbux Team Rewards & Recognition

Marketing Collateral. Customized marketing collateral will help you get the word out about this exciting change to your team rewards program, including:
  • Program Guide. A guide to your rewards program designed to be handed out to team members at launch.
  • Announcement Flyer and Poster. An 8.5x11 flyer, and a 24x36 poster to introduce your new rewards program.
Your Growth & Success Advisor will send you a link to print-ready files so you can download them and have them printed in-house or at your favorite printer.
Link From Your Website. Let prospective employees know you have a rewards program by promoting it on the careers page of your website, then link this information to your Hub's microsite for easy access. The URL to your microsite can be found on your Program Guide.

gray horizontal line.pngCONGRATULATIONS!

If you've already set up your new Hubbux Team Hub, you're ready to begin rewarding!

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