Helping your Members Enter the Insta'Smile Contest


The Insta'Smile Contest is different from other contests in that entry involves participating on a mobile device in addition to the Hub. To enter the Insta'smile contest correctly a member must accomplish 3 steps:

  1. Connect their Hub account to their Instagram account
  2. Upload a correctly tagged photo via the Instagram mobile app
  3. Check entry status on the Hub

It's ok if the member has done Step #2 before the other steps. The Hub will automatically find the previously posted photo as long as they used the same Instagram account to connect to the Hub and tagged their photo correctly.

The following article provides an overview of the three steps above, as well as a list of things that could go wrong at the end.

Step 1: Connect their Hub account to their Instagram account

The member logs in to the Hub, clicks on "Contests" and clicks on "Get Started."

The member clicks "Connect to Instagram!"

A login prompt pops-up and the user enters their Instagram account info.
Instagram account is connected to the Hub!


Step 2: Upload a correctly tagged photo on the Instagram mobile app


Step 3: Check entry status on the Hub

The Hub searches for a correctly tagged photo on the previously connected Instagram account.
When found, it looks like this!
Click to view the gallery and vote on your photo.


And the process is complete! 

If the member has done all these steps you will see the entry on your Contest Management screen.


What could go wrong?

Even though it's a pretty simple process, there are a couple things that could cause snags.

Member forgets to enter the contest via the Hub

Simply posting to Instagram from the mobile app is not enough, even with the correct tags. The member must remember to log into the Hub and officially enter the contest by connecting their Instagram account to their Hub account and allowing the Hub to find their properly tagged post.

Member posts from a different Instagram account than is connected to the Hub

Our member, Johnny, may have posted and tagged their photo perfectly. But when he went to connect his Hub to Instagram he mistakenly connected a different Instagram account. Oh no! This could happen when sister Suzy leaves herself logged into her own Instagram account on the same web browser. If you suspect this has happened, contact tech support to correct the error.

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