Troubleshooting Login Problems


If someone experiences difficulty logging in, the problem can usually be solved by asking the following questions: 

Are they using the correct login portal?

A Hub member may have trouble logging in because they accidentally clicked onto the wrong login portal. Each business's website is designed differently, so make sure your members are clicking on the Rewards Hub link on your site and not a different login portal such as the one for your billing system. The correct login portal looks like this:

Is their card connected?

If a member is following instructions perfectly yet cannot get access to your Hub, it could be that their rewards card was not connected to their profile. They may see this error:

You can check to make sure a card has been connected by logging into the Hub as a staff member and searching for the member's profile. If the orange Connect Card button is present then the card needs to be connected.

Connecting a card is easy, and can be done either in-peron or over the phone if the member isn't there. Simply click on the "Connect Card" button and swipe the member's card or have the member read the username off of his/her card while you enter it on the screen.


Are they trying to use a previously lost card?

When a member loses their card, a staff member will usually connect a new card to their account, thus deactivating the original one. If the member later finds their original card and tries to use it to login, they will receive an error message. 

To remedy this, login to the Hub and search for the member's profile. Have them read the 16-digit username printed on their card to see if it matches the one on their profile.

If it does not match, then they are not using their current card, and one of the following steps should be taken:

  1. The member can locate their current card and use it to login

  2. The staff member can verify the member's identity and then give the member his or her current username over the phone

  3. The member can come into the office and have a staff member connect a new card to his or her profile

**Note** Oftentimes, a member who has misplaced their cards will also not remember their password, and as such will require you to reset their password as well.

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