Helping your Patient Login for the First Time


To better assist your patients, here is a quick overview of the steps that patients will take when logging into their account for the first time. 

Locate the login info

The patient's username, temporary password and your practice's website are provided on the back of the rewards card.


If your practice does not hand out rewards cards, be sure to show them how they can navigate from your practice's website to the Patient Rewards Hub.

Also, help them set up their account with a patient email address and new password so that they can login easily the very first time they try it on their own.


Click the Patient Rewards Hub Link on the Practice's Website

Although each site is uniquely designed, patients should be able to easily locate their practice's link to the Patient Rewards Hub. Most times, practices either display the words "Rewards Login" or provide a clickable photo of their actual rewards card.

Here are a few ideas we have seen work well so far:

Enter the username and temporary password

If your patient has a rewards card, this is where they will type in the username and temporary password provided on the back of it.

If they do not have a rewards card, this is where they will type in the email address you associated with their account when you first created it in your Hub.

Verify your info

On the next screen, the patient will be prompted to do two things:  

  1. Enter their full name for verification purposes

  2. Set a new password

    **Note** For security reasons, as soon as this step is completed, the 4-digit password on the back of their card will no longer work. 

Enter the Patient's Email Address

The next step will ask the patient to enter an email address. If your practice is card-less, this step might be skipped, as most card-less practice will add a patient email to the account in Step #1.

Login and Enjoy the Patient Rewards Hub!

After all these steps are completed, the patient is free to enjoy their new Patient Rewards Hub account! They will not have to go through this process again - it's a simple login from this point on, for which they can use either their 16-digit username or Patient Email and password.

Verify Email

One last thing! Soon after updating their email, patients will receive a request for them to verify the email address they entered, which they can quickly do by simply clicking on the link inside the email they receive.

Why is it important to verify?

There are a number of reasons for why it's a great idea to encourage patients to immediately verify their accounts, chief among them being that it will ensure they receive a message if: 

  • One of your staff sends them a message
  • Your practice sends out a mass-alert (e.g. snow-day closing, practice parties, Hub-Launch events)

Is is possible to resend the verification email?

It certainly is! If your patient's profile contains an email in either the Patient Email field or the Responsible Party Email field that has not yet been verified, you can click the link in the alert at the top of their profile to have a new verification request sent to them immediately. 


As soon as the patient receives the verification request in their inbox, all they have to do is click the link inside to confirm that that is their true email. They don't even have to login! 



Troubleshooting Login Problems

You've seen a smooth patient login process. Next, find out how to troubleshoot common problems that can arise when attempting to log into the Hub by clicking here.

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