Linking Instagram to the Rewards Hub


Admins can easily link their business's Instagram account and reward members by following the next 3 steps:

  1. Create a New Reward Item
  2. Connect your Instagram account
  3. Select a Reward Item
  4. Update your Access Control Center

Additional details about these steps are provided below. 

Also, be sure to print our colorful promotional flyer you use it to alert your members about this great feature!


Create a New Reward Item

Jump to the Reward Menu by clicking on "Manage" followed by "Reward Menu."

Check your "Practice Promotions" reward category to see if there is already a reward created for Following Us on Instagram. If there is not, click "Add New Reward Item" at the top of the page. 

Provide a reward item name and point value, then designate its category. Most likely, you'll want to choose "Practice Promotions."

Click "Save" once you are finished. 


Connect your Instagram Account
Head to the Widgets page by clicking on "Manage" followed by "Widgets." 
Click "Edit Settings" to connect your Instagram account

Tap the "Connect with Instagram" button, and login to your account. 

**Note** If you are already logged into your Instagram account, the connection will be made automatically.

Once your Instagram account is successfully connected, your page will look like this! If you ever need to disable the connection, simply tap the "Click Here" link. 

To add your reward item, click "Select Reward Item"

Then find the reward item you would like to link using the drop down menus.

Click "Select" once you're ready!


Update your Access Control Center

The last step to complete is to head to your Access Control page and designate which users you want to allow to follow you on Instagram.

Click on "Manage" followed by "Access Control." 

Then drag the desired user groups into the "Instagram Follow" box.


Now your reward item will be linked, and your users will be able to earn points automatically whenever they follow your business on Instagram.


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