Installing HubSync


For IT personnel who feel comfortable installing HubSync on their own, here are some technical details about the HubSync that might help you. Please let us know if you have any additional questions we can answer. 😄​


What is the HubSync?

The Hubsync syncs patient, appointment and status information from Dolphin with the PracticeGenius (aka Patient Rewards Hub) server.

Technical Details

  • Hubsync will run on any computer that Dolphin can run on, but should be installed on a computer that Dolphin is also installed on.
  • Hubsync Installs in [C:\Program Files (x86)\PracticeGenius].
  • Hubsync runs as a Sys Tray app.
  • The computer Hubsync is installed on needs to stay logged in during business hours for Hubsync to work properly.
  • Hubsync needs access to the internet to upload patients, appointments, statuses, and error logs.
  • Hubsync needs File Permissions on the [C:\Program Files (x86)\PracticeGenius] set to "full" for "all users" so it can save its config files and self-update.
  • Hubsync makes two Scheduled Tasks--an "on logon" and an "hourly" trigger--that attempt to start Hubsync.
  • Hubsync has a Mutex in the code to prevent multiple instances from running in case it is installed on more than one computer on the same network.
  • Each instance of Hubsync will query the PracticeGenius server to determine if it is the active instance.
  • Although multiple instances of HubSync can coexist on a network, unnecessary instances should be uninstalled to reduce the likelihood of overhead and lag time.

Installation Tips

In order to install and continuously sync your profiles, statuses and appointments from Dolphin to the Patient Rewards Hub, you must use:

  • A computer running Microsoft Windows XP or higher
  • A Windows user profile that has Admin permissions
  • A machine that accesses the Dolphin database normally but preferably is not the Dolphin Server machine or a terminal server
  • The login credentials for a Hub admin

Post-Installation Notes

  • Syncing occurs as often as per minute
  • Syncing only happens when the Windows user is logged in
  • It's not necessary to run the computer 24/7
  • HubSync will catch up if the machine was turned off overnight or weekend


How is HubSync installed?

Installing HubSync is usually a quick and simple process, provided you are installing on a computer that matches the requirements outlined above and have an Hub Admin username and password ready. 

  1. Download the HubSync File
  2. Open the file
  3. Run through the installation steps and ensure that it is saved to Drive C > Programs (86) > PracticeGenius > Patient Rewards Hub
  4. Input Hub Admin credentials
  5. Complete the installation then close the installer
  6. Locate and open the Hubsync from the Sys Tray
  7. Confirm that the Hub is now syncing by going to the Staff Login Page and logging in with the Admin credentials used in step #4 then going to the Integrations Page

If the HubSync is not syncing after these steps, please call us at 1-800-560-1469.

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