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Social_Media_Manager_Alert_Icon__2_.png Rewards Hub™ Social Marketing Workshop 

Take your marketing to the next level! Join the PracticeGenius team for a 50-minute webinar that will give you actionable and proven social strategies on how to Wow, Win and Grow.

Some of the topics to be covered will include: 

  • Recent social media updates 
  • Facebook marketing success 
  • Ways to be awesome on Instagram 
  • Pinterest for business 
  • Using the Hub to help! 

Below you'll find our free, live workshop. Click on the registration link to discover regularly updated available session dates and times.




Webinar_Icon.png One-On-One with a Customer Success Advisor 

If you are the office rock star in charge of the Hub and want one-on-one help from our Customer Success Advisors then this link is for you! We'll show you how to take your Hub to the next level with creative marketing to help you stay engaged with members and guide your team back to launch-level excitement.





PG_Multicolor_Heart.png Hub 101: Fundamentals of the Hub

Are you new to the office and want to know how to use the Hub? In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn the basics skills for how to use the Hub and share the excitement with your members.

  • Overview of the Hub
  • Taking the mobile app out for a spin
  • Introducing the Hub to your members
    • Connecting cards and tagging
  • Day to day use of the Hub
    • Awarding points
    • Sending messages and reminders
  • Engagement tools
    • Contests and surveys
  • Publishing and converting reviews
  • Creating referral promotions
  • Using Social Media Manager




rocket.png  Hub 201: Beyond the Basics

Are you familiar with the Hub but want to make sure you’re getting the most out of all of its features? Learn how to become a Hub rockstar in 45-minutes with some quick and easy tips for continued success.

  • New features of the Hub
  • Analyzing the use of the Hub to increase the effectiveness
    • Using reports
  • Keeping your team engaged
    • How and when to talk about the Hub to members
    • Talking to your team about the Hub
    • Team rewards
  • Next level contest and survey ideas
  • Encouraging Hub and Google reviews
  • Messaging to groups and individuals
    • Adding new templates
  • Referral Manager
    • Inviting parents into the Hub
  • Social Media Manager
    • Adding custom content
    • Editing content library posts
  • Converting new and observation members
  • Planning for Success
    • Including the Hub in your marketing plan




Hub_Alert_Icon.png Hub 301: Applied Skills for Marketing With Your Hub

Are you already a Hub rockstar but want creative ideas for expanding its marketing reach? Take your Hub to the next level with real-life examples of how others use the Hub for marketing their business.

  • Reviewing new features of the Hub
  • Creative uses for incentives
    • Themes
    • Charities
  • VIP Clubs
    • Kids Clubs
    • Parent Perks
    • Ambassador programs
  • Marketing to dental and health partners
  • Partnering with your community to expand your reach
  • Team rewards for an engaged workforce


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