Understanding the Rewards Hub Facebook Apps


If you have previously followed our instructions on How To Link Facebook and the Rewards Hub, then you have installed 3 individual Facebook Apps to your Facebook Page. Here, we'll describe what each App is used for.


Contests Hub App

The Contest Hub App automatically displays the currently running contest from your Hub along with important info such as the contest's end date, winner and participant prizes. Members can click "Enter Contest" which directs them to the Hub so they can participate. Visitors also have the ability to download and print the contest flyer in PDF format.  


Contact Us App

The Contact Us App is a simple, easy to use lead generation tool. Potential leads fill out the form and click submit. In your Hub, a lead profile is automatically generated and you are notified via email depending on your notification settings.


Reviews Hub App

The Reviews Hub App is an additional way to show off all your positive praise!

All published reviews, both featured and non-featured, are posted in the Reviews Hub App.




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