Transferring Points Between Patients


Are your patients eager to transfer their points to their friends or family? If so, we have the solution!

Transferring points between patients is a simple two-step process. All you need is a patient willing to share their points, and at least one other patient willing to accept them. Let's jump in!


Step 1: Subtract the Points

First, navigate to your first patient's account.

Remove points from their account by using the Misc reward item. The trick here is to enter a negative (-) number in the Points field. Entering a negative number will remove those points from the patient's points total.

**Note** In the Description field, it's a good idea include a comment that explains what you're doing. 


Step 2: Add the Points

Then, add the same number of points to the receiving patient using the Misc. reward item. Again, you'll want to write a descriptive comment to clarify why these points were added. 


Confirm the Transfer

You can confirm that the point transfer was successful by jumping back to your home page and checking the activity feed.



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