Posting Hub Reviews to your Facebook Timeline


Your business has the ability to post Rewards Hub Reviews directly to your business's Facebook Timeline and your members also have the option to post their review to their own Facebook Timeline.  As an added bonus, you can even reward members for posting their review to their own Facebook Timeline!

This tutorial assumes you've already linked your Hub to your Facebook Page

Let’s take a look at how it works and what you'll need to do to get this up and running quickly for your business!


Setting up the "Share to Facebook" Reward Item

The first thing you will need to do is to setup a new reward item. You may want to call the new reward item "Share your review on Facebook" and place it under "Practice Promotions". Learn all about how to create a new reward item here.    

Next, in the Hub, move your mouse over to Manage, then click on "Reviews."

Click on "Select Reward Item" and then chose the Reward from the drop-down menus:

Now you'll see your selected reward item:

Youve done it!  Your reward item setup is complete.   


Publishing a review to your business's Facebook Timeline

Publishing reviews to your business's Facebook Timeline is only one additional click.

Now you'll see a pop-up that allows you to optionally post the review to Facebook:  

It's that easy!



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