Creating a Status Update


What are status updates?

The Status Updates feature from the Rewards Hub is an easy and effective way to keep your current members and staff informed about your business, while also attracting future clients. In real-time, you can provide immediate updates to your members, and whenever a member logs into their Hub account, they will see your latest post.

Another benefit of this feature is the ability to post a single status update across multiple social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and your Rewards Hub - all at the same time!


How to Link your Business's Facebook

First, access the settings page by placing your cursor over the "Manage" tab, and then clicking "Widgets" in the drop down menu. Here, you can connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

From the Widgets page, start by clicking the "Edit Facebook Settings" link.

Click "Connect to Facebook".

This will bring up a pop-up allowing you to login to Facebook. When entering this information, make sure to login with the email and password from an admin of your business's Facebook page.

Upon entering your Facebook login information, the Rewards Hub will automatically detect if the profile is an admin for a page. If you administer multiple pages, Facebook will give you the opportunity to choose which page will receive these updates. If this is the only page you currently administrate, Facebook will choose that page automatically.

Once you have successfully connected your business's Facebook page, the setup page will look like this:

You can add a link to the Hub on your business's Facebook page by clicking the "Add to Page" button.

If you make any changes, be sure to click "Save" when you're finished.

**Note**  You can always disconnect your Facebook account by clicking the "Disconnect" button.


Setup: Twitter

Navigate back to the "Widgets" page. Click on the "Edit Twitter Settings" link.

Click "Connect" to enter your business's Twitter page login.

A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your Twitter login information. Click "Authorize App" when you are finished.

**Note**  You can always disconnect your Twitter account by clicking the "click here" link.

Sending Status Updates

Now that the accounts are linked, you can start sending out status updates from the Rewards Hub.

Click the "Status Updates!" button, located in the orange toolbar at the top of the page.

When the status update box pops up, you can type in a 140-character message, choose which social networks you'd like to send your message, and click "Publish."

When the Rewards Hub has finished publishing your status, it will confirm which applications it was published to. Click "Close" to finish.


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