Setting Up: Status-to-Tag Syncing


Using the SyncAgent just got a whole lot easier with the ability to coordinate a Dolphin Status with a Patient Rewards Hub tag! To access this page, click on "Manage" followed by "HubSync" in the drop-down menu.

Under the Status to Tag Mapping table, you can see the list of every status found in your practice's Dolphin patient management software, and each status' associated Patient Rewards Hub tag(s). These statuses are organized alphabetically.

To change these tags, click the "Edit" link next to the status.

The Tags Manager screen will appear, where you will see a list of every one of your practice's user tags. (If you'd like to find out more about updating these Tags, click here to read the Tags article.)

Simply check the box next to the tag(s) you want to add to the Dolphin Status, and click "Done" to save your settings.

You will now see the tag populate next to the Dolphin Status! Any patient possessing that Dolphin Status, and imported using the SyncAgent will now have this tag on their Patient Rewards Hub account.

Examples of Statuses and Tags

You may be thinking to yourself, "Which statuses and tags correlate to each other?" or "I have no where to begin!"  Listed below are some examples of common statuses and the Patient Rewards Hub tags you should match them with:

  • New Patient = Future Patient (These patients have not been seen yet)
  • Recall = Kids Club (These patients have had an exam, but are not clinically ready to begin)
  • Phase I = Orthodontic Patient (These patients are usually about 6-10 years old, and are having treatment to intercept a problem)
  • Observation/Between Phases = Between Treatment Patient (These patients have completed Phase I, but are not yet ready for Phase II)
  • Phase II = Orthodontic Patient (These patients have had a Phase I treatment and are in treatment for full ortho treatment)
  • Comprehensive Child = Orthodontic Patient (These patients are in full ortho treatment)
  • Comprehensive Adult = Adult Patient (These patients are in full ortho treatment)
  • Invisalign = Adult Patient (These patients are in full ortho treatment but use Invisalign)
  • Invisalign Teen = Orthodontic Patient ((These patients are in full ortho treatment but use Invisalign)
  • Retention = Alumni (These patients are now finished with braces and have retainers)
  • Inactive = Alumni (These patients are now finished with the retention phase of treatment)
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