Awarding Points to a Member


Perhaps one of the best parts of the Hub is the fact that you get the opportunity to reward your members for maintaining great oral car, good grades, excellent attitude, and more!

That's why we've tried to make the adding points process as easy as possible--so easy, in fact, that it only takes two steps!


Jump to the Member's Profile

You can jump to a member's profile by doing one of the following four things:

  • Swipe the member's card

  • Type their first and last name in the search bar

  • Click on "Advanced Search" and locate their account by using the filters

  • Click the "Find" button and locate their account by using various search terms


Add New Points

Once you are in your member's profile, click on the “Add Points” tab, and check all the items for which you would like to award them points.

**Note** Filling out the blank description field is not required. However, descriptions can be useful for various reasons, including:

  • Documenting referrals (we strongly recommend always filling out the “Description” field when this is the reason)

  • Referencing a member's next appointment

  • Preventing points from being awarded multiple times for the same reason

**Note** How to Add Miscellaneous Points

If there is not an option listed on the page that best describes the points being awarded, you can enter your own by checking the “Misc.” box.

Upon checking the box, you will see two empty fields labeled “Points” and “Description.”

  • Under the “Points” field, enter the number of points you’d like to reward the member.

  • Under the “Description” field, type in the reason for why this amount of points is being awarded.
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