Referring a Friend


It’s easy to enable the Refer-A-Friend feature!

Setting up your feature

From your home page, go to “Manage” in the grey toolbar at the top of the page, and click on “Widgets.”

In the Refer-A-Friend row, click on “Edit Settings.”

This will pull up the "Widgets: Refer-A-Friend Settings" page.  From this page, you can activate the feature and enter a message in the blank box for the recipient of this referral. Click "Save" once you are finished.

Preview your message by clicking the "Preview Referral Email" link below the textbox, or connect your "Refer-A-Friend" reward item by clicking the “Select Reward Item” button.
Fill in the fields provided in the popup window, and click "Select" once finished.
Can't find your reward item?
Typically, the reward item you are seeking will be in the "Practice Promotions" category. If you do not yet have one, you can easily create it by following the steps in this article.
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