Scheduling Contests in Advance


Have you ever wanted to plan ahead for contests you want to run for your patients? Now you can! Patient Rewards Hub makes it easy for your practice to schedule a year’s worth of contests--or more--in just a matter of minutes!

Navigate to the Contests Page

First, navigate to the Contest dashboard by clicking "Manage" followed by "Contests."

Click on “Scheduled Contests” to see a calendar showing the dates on which contests are scheduled to run.

Schedule a Contest

Click on the “Schedule New” button to add another.

Browse the Contest Library, and once you find the contest you want to schedule, click on it to open its description page.

Click the "Schedule Contest" button.

Determine the Winner Points and Participant Points, then choose the start and end dates for your contest.

When the scheduling calendar appears, a color-coded key will appear above it denoting dates already reserved for contests you have previously scheduled. (If you have not scheduled any other contests yet, all dates in your calendar will be white.)

Click “Save” once you are finished.

Check your Calendar

Once this contest is scheduled, the Scheduled Contest page will update.

You can also view these contests by clicking the calendar icon next to the Scheduled Contests link.

Unscheduling A Contest

If you change your mind on a scheduled contest, you can unschedule a contest by clicking the "Unschedule" link on the contest.

On this pop-up, click "Ok" to complete the unscheduling.

Scheduling Contests Before Going Live with Patient Rewards Hub

Long story short, it’s best not to take this approach.

Before your practice officially beings to use the Patient Rewards Hub, you may find it convenient to schedule contests ahead of time. However, when your practice goes live, your scheduled contests will be erased. To avoid this, we suggest saving all contest scheduling until after your practice has gone live.
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