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With Off-the-Charts you can quickly and easily access your Patient Rewards Hub account. From the topsOrtho Admin window, click the Off-the-Charts button, select the web app, enter your password, and that’s it! You’re connected, right inside of tops!

For more detailed information, print out the PDF below!


How to Set up Patient Rewards Hub for Off-the-Charts

To allow your Hub to connect to Off-the-Charts, you’ll need to activate it in Practice Setup. Here's how!

  1. Navigate to Practice Setup and enter your topsOrtho password.
  2. Select "Web and Reminders."
  3. Click the plus button to add a service.
  4. Select PracticeGenius and click "Add Service."
  5. Enter your Patient Rewards Hub User name & Password. Verify the User name and Password are correct. If they are not, your patients' records will not display in the Off-the-Charts window.
  6. Click "Enable Service."


How to Use the Hub for Current Patients

  1. From the Admin window, click the Off-the-Charts button, and select Patient Rewards Hub.
  2. Enter your Username and Password the first time you log in for the day.
  3. The Patient Rewards Hub page will display.
  4. Simply add points and you’re good to go!

If the Patient Rewards Hub records are not displayed, go back to Practice Setup and verify that the Patient Rewards Hub Username and Password are correct.


How to Use Patient Rewards Hub for New Patients

  1. Add the new patient information in topsOrtho and make sure you enter all of the necessary information--including: email address, home and cell phone numbers, photo, etc.--so it will be pre-filled in the Patient Rewards Hub page.
  2. Be sure that the patient and account holder info is complete so it’s all transferred to the Patient Rewards Hub. When ready, from the Admin window, click the Off-the-Charts button, and select Patient Rewards Hub. The patient profile will be created automatically in the Patient Rewards Hub.
  3. To link a card, click the Connect Card button.
  4. Either swipe a card or manually enter the card number.
  5. The information in topsOrtho will be added to the Patient Rewards Hub profile. From here, you can add additional information manually.
  6. And from now on add points or send messages per the usual Patient Rewards Hub procedure.

Please note, appointment information will not update to Patient Rewards Hub at this time. Also, once a Patient Rewards Hub page is created, if changes are made in topsOrtho to the patient or account holder information, those changes will not be updated in the Patient Rewards Hub automatically.

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