Collecting, Publishing, and Sharing Reviews in the Hub


Reviews are an excellent way for your local community to discover the best businesses in their area. With Hub Reviews, your members can leave you reviews to help their friends, family, and community discover you!

Use the steps below to set up your Hub review system so that your members can leave you reviews in the Hub:

Click the first Select Reward Item to set up the points your members will receive when they write a review in your Hub. Any review a member writes in the Hub will show up in the list below and you will have the option to publish it to your public Hub portal, Facebook page(s), and Twitter account.

Choose the category the reward item is in, and then the reward item itself from the dropdown menu. If the reward item you would like to attach does not already exist, you can create it from the Manage > Reward Menu page.

Finally, click the Select button to finish setup.

Repeat the same steps for the second Select Reward Item to set up the points your members will receive when they tell their friends and family about your practice by sharing their review on their own Facebook page.



When you're finished, you will be to see the second prize set up on your page like the one shown below.



Publishing Reviews on Your Public Hub Portal

Once members have left you a review, it will appear on the Reviews Dashboard.

This page will show you the average rating of all reviews, the date of the reviews entered, the member's rating of your business, their message explaining their rating, and the Published status of their review.

To view even more details about a review, click on its accompanying magnifying glass.


This page will allow you to publish an unpublished review, and to decide whether or not it should be featured.


After a review is published, it is posted on the public portion of your Hub, where it can be indexed by all major search engines. Any featured review will be given a special frame and placed at the top of the list.

Now, when people search for a new business in their area, your business can stand out by displaying the stellar reviews your members leave!


Sharing Your Reviews on Facebook and Twitter

Posting a review to your Facebook and Twitter feeds is easy! 

Go to your Reviews Dashboard, click on the review you would like to share, and click Publish.

In the pop-up that appears, choose to either publish it immediately or let Social Media Manager handle its publication timing.

  • Publishing Immediately will only send the review to your Hub and Facebook
  • Allowing Social Media Manager to handle it will allow it to be posted at the most optimal time to your Hub, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 


The review will be posted to your FB page. The post will also feature a reviews image that helps build social proof for your existing members and link to the other Hub reviews.


Great job! 

Take a look at these other articles to find out how you can connect your Facebook and Google accounts so that your Hub members can leave reviews on those pages as well. 


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