Helping a Referral become a Lead


When a referral activates their invitation code by clicking the blue link in the email they received, they will be prompted to create an account. This article will explain the steps of this process in detail in case your members or new leads call for assistance.

Using an Individual Code

When a Hub member or staff member sends someone an invitation to join your business, the recipient will see the following email that contains an activation link and code.

Clicking this link takes them to the "Create An Account" section of the Rewards Hub.


Creating a New Lead Account

New leads can create their own Reward Hub accounts by completing just a few questions!


Using a Group Code or Referral

When a potential lead calls in because they received a group invite code, direct them to your business's Rewards Hub and have them click on the "Create An Account" button on the homepage.

The next screen will prompt them to enter in the invite code they've received.

When the code gets entered, they must follow the same 3 steps listed above to finish creating their account.


And that's it!

Once all of these steps are completed, your new lead will have access to your Hub!  To login to the Hub again, they will simply use their email address and the password they created in Step 1 and enter them in the login bar at the top of the page.  


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