Exporting a Patient Report: Oasys

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Customer Success Advisor
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Step 1: How to export information

First, open the Interactive Patient Report.The Patient Entered Date should be set to ALL, and Patient Deleted box should have FALSE checked. Click the "Run" button.

The result will be a shorter report view displaying less info. This view can still be exported, but the report will not contain all of the info you are requesting. You must click the "Queue" tab to show the rest of the info.

**Note** Your business must have purchased the Business Intelligence module in order to click the Queue tab.

Once you click "Queue," click the "Export Grid" button to CSV, then save it wherever you like on your computer.

Step 2: Information to include in your patient data

When creating this report, please include the following information:

patient_id, first_name, middle_name, last_name, email, address1, address2, city, state, zip, home_phone, mobile_phone, birth_month, birth_day, birth_year

Step 3: How to upload your data into your Hub.

Now that you have successfully exported and saved your patient report click here to learn how to upload the data into your Hub.