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Using the Contests feature in your Patient Rewards Hub is a great way to further connect with your patients and new patient leads.

Contests involve your patients on a unique level, encouraging them to spread the word about your practice to their friends and family. They are an easy-to-use and engaging marketing tool, making it a win-win for you and your patients!


Contests Dashboard

To access the Contests Dashboard, place your cursor over the "Manage" tab at the top of your screen, and then click "Contests" in the drop-down menu.

Here, you will be able to see the most recently added contests, browse through all of the contests by category, and view the currently running contest (if applicable).


Browsing Through Contests

There are a number of contests available within Patient Rewards Hub. We break these contests up into different categories so you can quickly find the contest you're looking for.

Simply navigate to the "Browse Categories" column on the left-hand side of the page, and click on any of the categories to begin browsing.

The page you're on will look something like this:


Setting Up A Contest

Getting started with a contest is simple.  First, click on the contest of your choice.  This will take you to the contest's main page, equipped with screenshots and a brief description of the contest. Click "Run This Contest" to begin.

From the "Edit Contest" page, you can:

  • Activate the contest
  • Determine the number of points each participant receives
  • Determine the number of points or prize your winner will be awarded
    **Note** If your practice prefers to award a prize other than points, you can enter it in the "Override Winner Prize" box.
  • Set the start date
Adding Photos
If you are a launching a matching contests that requires staff photos (e.g. Pet to Pal, Pick Our Noses), you can upload your photo sets on this page as well.
**Note** Please ensure that the dimensions of your photos do not exceed those stipulated in the contest's description. If needed, you can resize your photos using programs like Preview (Mac) or Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows).

Here's an example of how to resize a single photo on a Mac: 


Once you've entered in the necessary fields, click "Save" to activate the contest.



Also included with each contest is a downloadable flyer. This flyer can be used by your practice to promote the contest. To view this flyer, click on the "Click to View" link next to the Flyer label on the same "Edit Contest" page.

**Note** Make sure to print your flyer AFTER you have started the contest to ensure the details are up to date!


User Entries

Once the contest has started and your patients have begun to participate, a new section will appear on the contest's main page. This will include a link that will take you to the Participant Entry page. Click the blue "View Entries" link to jump to this page.


User Participation

After your contest has begun, patients can log in to their Patient Rewards Hub account, and click on the Contests tab to participate!  

Every contest will look different, but once the user has submitted their entry, they only need to wait for the contest to end to see if they've won!


Choosing a Winner

As soon as the contests finishes, the practice admin will see a new box will appear on the main Contests page alerting you that a winner must be chosen. Click the "Pick Winner" button to choose who receives the grand prize.

Here you'll see the list of participants who entered the contest. This list can be sorted by Date, Name, and Score to make it easier to find the winner of the contest, but if you want to take a closer look at participant responses, simply click on the "View Entry" link to the right of each row. 

Once you're ready to choose the winner, return to the "Decide Contest Winner" screen, and click the "Pick as the Winner" button next to the participant you've chosen.


Reviewing past contests

If you'd like to review your practice's previous contests, return to the main Contests page, and click on the "Contest History" link in the left panel.

Here you'll find the list of all the people who have participated in your practice's contests. Next to each contest's name will be a symbol:

  • Red Dot Any winner marked with a red dot has not yet received their prize. Your practice must fulfill this prize in order for the patient to receive their prize.

    To do this, click on the winner's name, then click "
    Fulfill Prize." 

  • Green CheckmarkAny winner marked with a green checkmark has successfully received their prize.

You have now successfully completed a contest with Patient Rewards Hub!

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