Linking Twitter to the Rewards Hub


If your business has a Twitter account, you can link it to the Rewards Hub to help streamline the communication between you and your members!

Linking your Twitter Account

To get started, click on Manage, followed by Social Integrations.


From this screen, click Edit Twitter Settings.

Click Connect to link your Twitter account.

A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your Twitter login information. Click Sign In when you are finished.

When successfully connected, your screen will look like this. If you ever need to disconnect your Twitter account, just tap on the Click Here link, and the Hub-Twitter Connection will be immediately disabled.

Setting up the "Follow us on Twitter" Reward

Now that your Twitter account is connected to the Hub, you can Incentivize your members to follow your business on Twitter by adding a reward item for them!

To begin, click on Select Reward Item.

From the pop-up screen, select the Reward Category, Reward Item, and the point value of the item.

Click Select when you are finished.

When successfully created, your screen will now look like this.
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