Linking Facebook to the Rewards Hub


Facebook is a great way to engage both current and prospective clients, and setting this feature up only takes 3 steps!

The steps are as follows:

  1. Connect Your Facebook Page
  2. Install Our Facebook Apps
  3. Setup Your "Like Us on Facebook" Reward Item

How to Link your Practice's Facebook

First, access the settings page by placing your cursor over the "Manage" tab, and then clicking "Widgets" in the drop down menu. Here, you can connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

From the Widgets page, start by clicking the "Edit Facebook Settings" link.

Click "Connect to Facebook"

This will bring up a pop-up allowing you to login to Facebook. When entering this information, make sure to login with the email and password from an admin of your practice's Facebook page.

Upon entering the Facebook login information of the person who administers your practice's Facebook page, the Rewards Hub will automatically detect that the profile is an admin for a page. If this person administers multiple pages, Facebook will give the opportunity to choose which page will receive Hub updates. If this is the only page that this person currently administrates, Facebook will choose that page automatically.

**Note** The Hub will not to post onto your personal Facebook page, even though you are logging into Facebook with your personal account's username and password. We're simply allowing the Hub to see which Facebook business Pages you administer.

Once you have successfully connected your practice's Facebook page, the setup page will look like this:

If you make any changes, be sure to click "Save" when you're finished.


Install your Hub's Facebook Apps

Next we'll install the Reviews Hub, Contact Us and Contests Hub apps to your practice's Facebook page.

Click "Add to Page"


Click "Add Page Tab"

Select your practice's Facebook page from the drop-down menu, then click the blue "Add Page Tab" button at the bottom left of the pop-up.

Do this three times until all three Hub apps are added.

Once you've completed all these steps, you will see the new apps appear on your Facebook Page in the "Apps" section of your Page.

If you do not see them, you may need to rearrange the order of visibility of your apps and sections. Check out our article on How to Rearrange Your Facebook Page Apps and Sections if that is the case.

Setup your "Facebook Like" Reward Item

Finally, we'll associate the reward item that will be automatically given when a user "likes" your practice's Facebook Page from their Hub account.

Click "Select Reward Item"

Select a Reward Item

In the following pop-up, select the reward item that users will be given when they like your page on Facebook by first choosing "Practice Promotions - Automatically Rewarded" and then clicking "Like our practice Facebook page."

**Note** Usually, this is the Reward Item called "Like our practice Facebook page". However, the name may be different if you've renamed it or created another reward item to use for this purposes.

Click "Select" to return to the Widget page and see the updated Reward Item.



The Facebook feature is all set up. You've connected your Facebook page, installed the three Hub apps and selected a reward item. Now you can go tell your members that there's a new way to earn points!

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