Notifying your Members when a Contest Concludes


When your members participate in a contest, there are prizes for winners and participants. Contest participants are awarded their participant points as soon as they submit their contest entry. The winner's points will be awarded when the contest is over and has been fulfilled by an admin. Once this contest is closed out, the participant's and winner's notifications are sent out.


When will your members be notified?

Your members will receive a notification in their Rewards Hub and/or email (permitting they have one on file) notifying them who the winner of the contest is. If the winning prize was a physical (or tangible) prize, they will be given instructions on how to receive their prize in this notification.


What will the notification messages look like?

Members who participate and/or win a contest will receive a notification similar to the one below: 

Winning Member Example




How can we ensure members receive these messages?

To receive these emails, members will need to have this setting allowed in their notification settings. Members can edit these settings when they log in, but you staff also has the ability to edit them.


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