Fulfilling Orders


When your members use their points to get rewards from the Rewards Hub, an order is placed for the prize. Most of these orders are fulfilled by our Fulfillment Center, but some of these may be "Practice Prizes" that your office offers and as such must be fulfilled by in-office staff members.

Checking the Status of Business-Fulfilled Orders

You can check how many Business-Fulfilled Prizes need to be fulfilled by going to "Manage" and then clicking "Orders."

If you'd like to quickly find a particular order, use the Filters at the top to run a targeted search.

Any orders marked with a red dot need to be fulfilled, while any marked with a green dot have been fulfilled already.

To fulfill an order, click on its row.

Fulfilling a Member's Order

Order fulfillment occurs on the member's account page, which you can jump to by either:

  • Clicking on their order on your Order list
  • Going to their account and clicking on the Orders tab

Click on “Fulfill” order to mark it as fulfilled.

**Note** To keep your inventory accurate and your members happy, only mark an order as fulfilled after the member has received their prize.

Once fulfilled, you will see a green dialogue box appear.

To obtain a receipt of the completed transaction, click “Print Page.”

The member's order confirmation will appear:

Obtaining your Records

Records of your business's orders can also be found on the Order page by clicking the “Practice” button to the far right of each row.

Your practice’s receipt will appear:

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