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Below are some common Facebook questions, however, if you do not see your question below, please give our Technical Support Team a call for assistance 1-800-560-1469 ext 4.


I'm trying to connect my business's Facebook page to the Rewards Hub, but I'm unable to.

When connecting a Facebook page to the Rewards Hub, the Facebook account you use to login must have Admin privileges for the page you're trying to connect. If you see the following pop-up, you will know that the account you're using is not an Admin for your business's page:


Where can I view my Facebook admins?

When you log into Facebook, click the drop-down arrow on the upper-right hand side of your page (in the blue toolbar). Click on your business's Facebook page under Use Facebook As. Then, go to your business's page. From the Admin Panel menu, click Manage, followed by Settings. On this page, click Admin Roles on the left sidebar.

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