Creating a Staff Bio

When people visit your business's Hub, they can get to know your staff by reading your Staff Bios. Some pieces of information we recommend including are:
  • Each team member's job title
  • The year the team member joined the business
  • What they specialize in at your office
  • The various talents the team member brings to your team
  • Why the team member loves your office and/or industry
  • The team member's hobbies and/or extracurricular interests

Navigate to the right account
Are you updating your own bio?
If you're adding a Bio to your own account, then simply login to the Rewards Hub, and click on the "My Profile" link at the top of your screen.
Are you updating someone else's bio?
If you're trying to update another staff member's bio, then login to the Rewards Hub, click the "Manage" tab on the top menu, and select "Staff."
This will bring up a page on which your business's staff members are listed. Simply choose the one whose bio you'd like to update, and head to the next step!
Creating a Bio
The page that will appear will automatically show the "Profile" tab. Click on the "Bio" tab to begin updating your bio.
After you enter in your Bio, click "Save."
If it submits successfully, you will see a green box appear similar to the one below:

Uploading A Photo
Jump back to the main page of your profile by clicking the "My Profile" link.
Then click on the "Edit Photo" button.

From this screen, you can choose to upload a photo of your own by clicking "Browse" and selecting a photo from your computer: 

**Note** If you're uploading your own photo, you have the option to enact Auto Cropping (letting the system resize the image) or Manual Cropping (enabling you adjust your photo).

Alternatively, you can choose an Avatar image from the system.

Click "Save" when you're finished, and your photo will appear.


Populating Your Bio
Once you've created your bio and/or uploaded your photo, you are ready to display it for everyone to see! Return to your "Profile" page and click the "Edit Privacy" button.

Choose one of the following option:

  • Nothing - Neither your photo or your bio will show to the public
  • Profile - Only your bio will show to the public
  • Profile and Photo - Both your bio and photo will show to the public

Once you've set your preferences, click "Save" to finish.


Check Out Your Profile

Now that the preferences have been set, you can view this page publicly! Go to your business's Member Login Page, and click on the About Us link at the top.

If the staff member has set their preferences to show any information, their profile will appear here.

Hiding Your Bio
Some staff members may prefer to have their name and bio hidden. To do this, click on your staff profile, followed by the Edit Privacy button. On this screen, check Nothing, followed by Save.


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