Administrating Well: Best Practices for Hub Admins

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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Getting the most out of your Hub can be accomplished by developing a few easy habits!
Here's a quick checklist for Administrators 
  • Users/New Patient Leads: Check daily
  • Manage/Reviews:  Check and publish reviews daily
  • Manage/Surveys:  Add a new survey every 4-6 weeks
  • Manage/Contest:  Consistently have a contest active in your Hub
  • Team Encouragement:  Encourage team members to discuss the program with every patient. 
Below are some best practices to follow
Have you been keeping up with publishing your reviews? 
Your Hub reviews are a powerful tool to increase your online reputation.  Reviews are located under the Manage Tab> Reviews. Please remember that you have full discretion over which reviews you push live, and you should take a look at these weekly. More info on the Reviews can be found here
Businesses are getting great results with patient feedback and interaction on surveys. How many have you created recently?
Below are several survey examples for your use. Be sure to change the surveys every 4-8 weeks. More info on Surveys can be found here
  • Do you have a Facebook profile?  LIKE us here in the Hub under the Earn Points section and get ___points automatically!  Try it.... it’s fun!
  • Guess Dr.'s favorite candy bar?
  • Who is Dr.'s celebrity look alike?
  • It is Shark Week!  What is your favorite shark?
Hub contests are fun and interactive. 
The Hub gives you the ability to have a contest live and viral for your business in a matter of seconds! Under Manage/Contest you have a library of contests. Contests should be changed every 4-8 weeks. More info on Contests can be found here
Is your staff list current? 
Team photos and bios promote connectivity and personalization of your team to your members. 
Are you familiar with the Refer a Friend feature? 
This module will allow your members to easily invite their friends and family to become a part of your business. In addition, be sure that you are visiting Users > New Hub Leads daily to check for new leads that are coming into your Hub. More info on Refer A Friend can be found here
Have you connected your Facebook page or Twitter account to your Hub? 
Social media integration is found under Manage/Widgets. We encourage you to connect to your business Facebook page and Twitter account if you have them. Facebook Connect setup instructions can be found here. And get acquainted with the Rewards Hub Facebook Application here.
Keep things exciting! 
To keep your Hub exciting for your members, it is important to continually add new promotions, such as wear green to your appointment in March, double the points for referrals during February Friendship month, find your card visual in the office (Where’s Waldo?). You may add reward items anytime. Learn more on how to add Reward Items here.
New Leads
Utilize this powerful feature to gather potential member information that should be addressed often for any follow up needed. Click here to learn how to add New Leads.